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Roofing replacement and installation in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

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all in one roofing solution

Your roof is incredibly important to your home, so it’s critical to keep it maintained. Even a small leak over time can cause large amounts of damage.
Replacements and installation of roofs Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

  • Flat Roofs
  • Tile and slate roofs
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The best work for the best price – without having to shop around.

We discover opportunities in the build process where extra value can be provided using our trustworthy workforce and network of skilled tradesmen. This unique combination of an experienced team and supply chain, enables Steen to pass savings on to our customers for unbeatable value, without having to waste time shopping around.

Steen Building Services

dependable tradesmen
at your fingertips

Steen Property Developments are a privately-owned, forward thinking property development company transforming spaces across Aberdeenshire and surrounding areas.
Widely recognised as champions of high quality building and renovation work, we deliver exceptional quality workmanship with a focus on affordability, efficient turnaround and completion.
With tried and tested Aberdeenshire tradesmen, underpinned by a passion for project management, Steen Property Developments deliver quality:

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