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Do You Need More Space In Your Home?

Do you need more space in your home?

Are you wishing for more space at home?

After 8 weeks in lockdown, many people are looking for space. With uncertainty in the property market, many are choosing to extend their current home.

One of the most cost-effective ways to do this is by converting the unused space you already have.  Garage and loft conversions have become the popular choice, enabling you to have additional room while keeping costs to a minimum.  It will not only give you the room you require but also add value to your current home

It’s for this reason we’ve had a record number of quotation requests this month.  We are still able to conduct phone consultations and have created a list of bookings for post lockdown.  A simple phone call could be enough to get the ball rolling and you on your way to a newly improved home.

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